Air conditioning shopping is complicated until you learn the basics of the different types of air conditioners. Read on to learn more about today’s cooling options. If you are not already using one, get a fan because it will evaporate the moisture to make you feel cooler which will tax air conditioning systems less. Now, onto the best part — the basic types of air conditioning units and systems that are available to cool the home.

There are swamp coolers, also known as window units. The portable, packaged terminal air conditioners, central air, ductless and split systems. The window units sit in the window, while the portable are mobile and can be rolled throughout the home to be wherever you are. Central air conditioning is another, which most people are aware of and makes a great example for explaining the components of any air conditioning system. Each one, whether a window unit or a central air system, will include a condenser, expansion valve, refrigerant, and the compressor, along with an evaporator coil.

Central air is still very popular and the most sought after option because it is out of the way, quiet, and hands down the best at cooling a home. It turns out the reason smaller homes may not be able to have central air is that systems cannot accommodate the small size and would permit mold growth because they could never dehumidify properly. They would have trouble operating on a thermostat too because they would always be running because of short cycling.fa

Central air has an evaporative aspect and condensing portion, with a connection to the refrigerant coil. The condensing box is outdoors and has its fan, coils, and compressor. The evaporative portion is within the furnace normally and has the valve and coil.

The window air conditioner system has all of these components in one compact unit, which spits out cool air into the home, and spews out heat out of the home. The portable AC is also a single unit that has a hose to spew the heat out of the home, and the cool air into the home.

You may have seen the PTAC, split, and ductless units in operation, more likely in public spaces such as hotels. The AC is sandwiched with an exterior-facing and interior-facing aspect, with refrigerant flowing between them. The evaporator fan is interior facing, and everything else faces outside.

That rounds out the different types of air conditioning. Choose based on cooling needs, budget, with an eye on the appropriate sizing of the unit for your home.