– Fan shall be a spun aluminum, roof mounted up-blast centrifugal exhaust vent.
– Fan shall be of bolted and welded construction utilizing corrosion resistant fasteners.
The spun aluminum structural components shall be constructed of minimum 16 gauge marine alloy aluminum, bolted to a rigid aluminum support structure. The aluminum base shall have continuously welded curb cap corners for maximum leak. The discharge baffle shall have a rolled bead for added strength. An integral conduit chase shall be provided through the curb cap and into the motor compartment to facilitate wiring connections.
– shall be heavy duty type with permanently lubricated sealed bearing and furnished at the specified voltage, phase and enclosure. Motor shall be a NEMA “B”, class “B” insulation rated for continuous duty.
– shall be designed and individually tested specifically for use in air handling applications. Construction shall be heavy duty re-greasable ball type in a cast iron pillow-block housing selected for a minimum L50 life in excess of 200,000 hours

Model- 225R6B

HP- 3/4


Tip Speed- 4588

Sones @ .25″- 16.4

0″ SP- 5385

.125″SP- 5138

.25″SP- 4904